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November 7, 2018 2:51 am
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Controlling fear is one of the most important aspect in trading stocks. If you are to lose or scared to make a trade that means you are not confident in yourself and your abilities as a trader. This fear has nothing to do with your trade itself, but it is a psychological weakness
that affect beginners. To overcome fear, you need to work on your techniques and strategies.
You need to see the whole trading picture. Do not push yourself to make money while you dont know how to trade yet. This psychological feeling makes you weak and makes you feel little
against the market. The market is not a human being to be loved or hated. The stock market is neutral, that means the prices you see on stocks and indexes reflect the opinion of the majority of
all participants in the stock market. So to be confident you need to practice for longer time
and even do virtual trading until you get your confidence. Try not to revenge the market by trading a lot, this will lead in bigger losses and more commissions expenses. The best thing to do now since we are still in correction is to trade less especially swing trading – short term trading, and do more day trading instead. Do not trade too much and try not to expose all your
capital to the stock market especially these months. There is no trends. So trying to buy a lot
will lead to more losses. Now it is better try day trading, because there are more opportunities.
Most of the stocks are volatile that gives the opportunities to go long as sell short.
If you are scared, do not trade at all or just do virtual trading until you become confident.
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