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Warren Buffett did not buy mutual funds and Etfs , because of the fees and management. Understand that you can never control your money when a manager takes fees from the account. These fees are hidden and are numerous and varied. These fees for mutual funds can go from 1 to 4% more or less.
For ETFs, they are cheaper because there is no management, but still you have to pay fees that is in general less than 1%.
So if you make your own portfolio and manage it yourself it is better because you dont have to pay fees and all dividends will be yours.
Here I am not talking about 401k, because workers are obliged to be in that plan since they have no choice. The company will never match your contribution if you dont use 401k. So here you understand that everything is related to fees. Mutual funds and ETFs companies are making billions of dollars of these fees. Well that is Wall Street game.
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